Week 1 – Set up

Here’s the meal plan for the week:

Meal 1 – (pre-workout) Banana

Meal 2 – (post-workout) Recovery shake with protein, coconut milk and frozen fruit blend.

Meal 3 – 2 eggs + 1/2 cup egg whites, 1 whole grapefruit, 1 tsp sugar

Meal 4 – 4 oz ground turkey, 1/2 cup rice, 1 cup steamed broccoli

Meal 5 – 6 oz grilled chicken dipped in hot sauce

Meal 6 – Shepherd’s Pie – will post recipe

These macros work out to 135 P, 147 C, 33 F – I’m aiming for about a 30,40,30 split to start with.

Scheduled Workouts

Monday – Full body circuit (10 min stairmill, squats, lunges, incline DB press, DB fly, lat pull down, seated row)

Tuesday – 5 km run

Wednesday – Full body circuit (10 min stairmill, deadlift, goblet squat, DB should press, dips, DB bent over row, straight arm DB pull-over)

Thursday – 5 km run

Friday – Full body circuit (10 min stairmill, leg press, lying leg curl, DB bench press, tricep press down, t-bar row, assisted pull ups)

Saturday – 7 km run

Sunday – relaxation yoga

Cleaning Schedule – (yep! I’m sticking with this resolution and my place looks fantastic!)

Monday – Deep clean: Closet & Foyer

Tuesday – Bathroom

Wednesday – Bedroom

Thursday – Laundry

Friday – Living Room

Saturday – Floors

Sunday – Kitchen



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