Day 1/84

This morning started out with an awful weigh in 😦 199.7 lbs…ugh ugh ugh. My highest weight ever. This does not feel good. I know a lot of it is bloating and water weight from a weekend of emotional eating, but still. It is never fun to see yourself heavier than you’ve ever been. But that’s why this is day 1.

Even though I felt disgusting, I still managed to psych myself up for a nice sweaty workout! I love(/hate) warming up on the stairmill. I do 10 minutes of intervals and then my heart rate is up for the rest of my work out which included squats, walking lunges, incline chest press, flies, lat pull down and rows. I was at the gym for about 45 minutes and my legs are super sore already!

Today’s eats:

Meal 1 – Banana

Meal 2 – Protein Shake (4-fruit blend, 1/2 scoop Vega protein and greens, 1 cup coconut milk)

Meal 3 – 2 eggs, 1/2 cup egg whites, grapefruit with less than a tsp of sugar

Meal 4 – 4 oz ground turkey burger, steamed broccoli and 1/2 cup basmati rice

Meal 5 – 5.5 oz roasted chicken, 1 tbsp hot sauce

Meal 6 – homemade shepherds pie (one serving is about 350 calories)

Approximately 100 oz of water.

I’m really happy with my eating today. I was 100% on point. One day down, 83 to go in this 12 week period. I’m off to a great start.

Still no word from the boy. That’s 3 days now. It is so hurtful when someone you’ve been dating just abandons you randomly. This time, it really seems to have come out of no where. I’ll dissect it more later, but right now I feel sad. I liked him. I thought he was one of the good ones.

Off to bed now to snuggle with Whitty and give him some belly rubs.





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