Day 3/84 – A win and a fail!

This morning’s weigh in came in at 197.5 lbs down 0.7. I was hoping this water weight would come off a little quicker so I really focused on my water intake today to try to flush it all out. I’m starting to feel way better than I did Monday.

Yesterday in my moping misery I decided I would engage in some retail therapy and purchase a pair of wireless headphones that I have been coveting.  I want to listen to music while I’m lifting weights but since I record my workouts in body space, I can’t just throw my phone in an arm band. It would be so inconvenient. Anyway, the headphones I wanted were $30 off (score!) And I was super stoked to try them out during this morning’s work out. When I got to the gym I realized that I remembered the headphones but forgot my phone so I had nothing to connect them to.  FAIL!

Nonetheless I got a great workout in and will look forward to trying them out during Friday’s workout.

I’m so proud of myself for another day of perfect eating. I’m not going to repost everything I ate because it is exactly the same as Monday. I went for about a 1.5 hour hike with a friend this evening (and Whitaker too!) And the old me would have come home and eaten the house down. Instead I saved my biggest meal for after the hike and I sat down and really savoured every bite. When I was done I did have thoughts of eating something a little extra but raided my herbal tea stash instead. Meyer lemon tea did the trick and I might pick up a few extra flavors to try in times like these. So I’m still on track and another  $5 goes into the bikini fund.


Tomorrow is my first challenging day since I re-committed to myself. I have to work on site with customers all day. (I usually work from home). I have planned out my morning meals on the road. They all fit into the calorie budget and then I have my prepared meals already waiting for me when I get home in the evening. Tomorrow will end up being a slightly higher carb day that should be (50% instead of 40%) but that’s ok because I have another 5km run planned for the evening.

Here I go! Wish me luck (on this project too)!



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