Day 4/84 -Never Give Up!

Today I finished one of the worst projects in my whole career. I swear it was cursed and everything went wrong. It took about 2 years longer than it should have. I have broken down over this project more times than I can count. It was rough. And today we finished it. I kept the first perfect output of this project and hung it on my wall as a reminder. NEVER. GIVE. UP. Honestly, if I can make it through this project, I can make it through anything.


This morning’s weigh in was 196.5 lbs, down one more pound. I was able to stay on track with the food plan despite being on site with customers all day. Luckily we brought in sandwiches for our meeting and I just drank water. I did eat one very delicious sugar cookie, but I worked it into the macros and still stayed within my calorie budget.

After I got home and had a bit of a power nap, I went to the gym for another treadmill work out. When I first started out, I wasn’t really feeling it, but as the workout progressed, I warmed up and ended up feeling really good. I warmed up for 1 km at an easy 5.5 and then for the next three km I did 7.0 sprints for 1 minute followed by a rest period of 1 minute at 5.5. The last km I cooled down and then sprinted the finish. Super sweaty, super happy!


It is AMAZING to me how fast you can turn your thinking around. At the beginning of this week, I felt so low and in only 4 days I have done a complete 180 degree turn. I still have 80 days to go until I reach the first milestone of this journey but everything seems so much more positive now. All it took was 4 days of focus…unbelievable!


Something else I have come to realize is what I really need in a man. Unfortunately, during the second month I knew the last guy, I hit a period of crippling stress at work. It seemed like every day something out of my control was blowing up that I had to deal with. In order to get through those times, I have to shut down a little bit and go into survival mode. I need a man who can support me through those times, not bail on me. Realizing this was actually another part in the turn around to positivity. He wasn’t right for me. I’m glad it ended when it did. On to bigger and better things!




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