Day 16/84 – Highs and Lows

This morning’s weigh in was 194.2 lbs so still hanging on to some of my weekend weight fluctuation but down 0.5.

The high for the day was my awesome eats! I nailed my macros to the tee and got to enjoy lots of yummy things. I just want to talk about weighing food out for a second. I used to think that was a little too fussy for me and I would measure the odd thing that was highly caloric but yesterday I measured everything down to the gram and tried to be as accurate as possible. Here’s what I found: I actually got to eat more food!

The difference was in using the actual nutritional information from the packages rather than using a generic option on myfitnesspal (the barcode scanner is so handy for that!)

By being more accurate in my calculations, I was able to add a little cheese and sour cream to my “taco bowl” and eat more rice with my Chicken Parmesan casserole all guilt free!

The low for the day, was my run. Again, really struggled and I know it’s not a fuelling issue. My feet and ankles felt very sore and it was a good reminder to stretch after every run! Anyway, I did what I could and walked on an incline for a bit. I’ll try again on Thursday!

Thanks all for today! Have a good one.





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