Day 13 & 14 – Blowing off some steam

This weekend was far more successful than last weekend. I felt so much more prepared. On Friday night and a few other times this weekend, I started to feel a little nibbly. Nothing turned into a full on binge, but there were definitely a few pinches of food here and there. Next weekend, I’ll try to keep myself a little busier so I don’t have the same struggles.

Saturday was a busy day. I was up early to help my mom with the horse show again. From there, I went to the gym and ran 8 km on the treadmill. I had wanted to do this run outside, but the weather was so miserable. It cleared up as soon as I was done…of course. I felt SO GOOD during my run. I’m so stoked to see such improvements.

I was pretty hungry after my run so I made myself a waffle, turkey bacon, and I grabbed some watermelon from the grocery store. I texted this to a friend and told her it was the best day of my life!

By the time I was done with my brunch, it was time to get ready for my friend’s mom’s 65th birthday party. I didn’t get any photos while there. The food was a barbecue so I had a chicken sausage on a bun, but the rest of my plate was veggies.


Sometimes, I clean myself up and leave the sweaty jock for the gym.

I left the party pretty early and met up with a friend and her boyfriend. We ended up going to a pub and staying out until 2 am. It was just the sort of post-break-up bender I needed. I got some validation from a cute boy, but left it at the bar: no phone number, no follow-up…just what I needed!

On Sunday, I was pretty hung over and had to get to the barn for my mom’s show. I made it just on time and then grabbed some groceries on my way home. Considering my normal hang over cure would include a potato chip smorgasbord, I did pretty well. Here are my hangover eats:

The fries were baked in the oven and the hollandaise on the eggs benny was from a package that I just made with water and omitted the butter entirely. It wasn’t quite the same but it did the trick and that eggs benny was delicious. I basically spent the rest of the day sleeping. I can’t party like I used to 😉

So that was my weekend! Just the right blend of me time, fun with my friends and refuelling for this week.

Hope you had a good one too!