Day 15/84 – How I am staying motivated!

This morning’s weigh in was 194.7 lbs, which means I had only a 2 lb weight fluctuation from the weekend fun. Each week it will be a challenge to keep that weekend weight fluctuation to a minimum but I’m going to keep trying!

This morning I had a good work out. I did my standard 10 minutes on the stair mill followed by 3 sets each of squats, walking lunges, chest press, flies, lat pull down and rows. Next week my workouts get switched up and I’m excited for some new exercises.

Eats included a whole wheat english muffin with 2 servings of¬†olive oil Becel, my usual post-gym protein shake, spinach with a whole egg scrambled, 4 oz of ground turkey cooked up with low sodium taco seasoning, 50 g (before cooking) basmati rice, and a tomato and dinner was a Chicken Parmesan Casserole that I saw on Facebook served with another 40 g rice. I’m a little disappointed by how it turned out to be honest so I’m not sure if it is worth posting the recipe. The only plus side is that the chicken turned out to be really tender. The down side is that the cheese and panko really got lost in the mix so I feel like they are unnecessary calories in this dish. In the future, I might just braise¬†chicken breast in marinara sauce. Anyway, stay tuned for an improved recipe.

Now that we’ve gotten through the regular business, I want to share with you how I’m staying motivated. What I’ve done is hung a dry-erase yearly calendar on my office wall. It is almost directly above my computer screen and I literally stare at it all day long.

20160608_095037 (1)

It’s tough to see, but I have outlined the 12 week period for this portion of my journey. (It ends on August 21, 2016). Each day I’m successful (as in I stay close to my planned meals and don’t binge) I cross it off with a blue X. Over time, this shows me how far I’ve come.

My goal for this period is to lose 30 lbs, my overall goal is to lose 50 lbs. At the bottom of the page, I have a line for each pound I want to lose and every time I step on the scale and I’ve moved to a new low whole number, I erase a line. I don’t add them back if my weigh fluctuates up a little because I want to be focused on always moving forward. I simply focus on the next time I get to erase a line. Each morning I get to cross of a day or erase a line is really exciting and having this always in my sight keeps me focused all day.

You can also see I wrote “Trust the process” as inspiration at the bottom. This is to remind myself that if you stay consistent and stay on track with the meals. The goal will come. Sometimes you have to remind yourself to be patient which isn’t always easy to do!

Please comment below if you have any questions on my motivation tactics or anything else I’m doing.