Day 16/84 – Highs and Lows

This morning’s weigh in was 194.2 lbs so still hanging on to some of my weekend weight fluctuation but down 0.5.

The high for the day was my awesome eats! I nailed my macros to the tee and got to enjoy lots of yummy things. I just want to talk about weighing food out for a second. I used to think that was a little too fussy for me and I would measure the odd thing that was highly caloric but yesterday I measured everything down to the gram and tried to be as accurate as possible. Here’s what I found: I actually got to eat more food!

The difference was in using the actual nutritional information from the packages rather than using a generic option on myfitnesspal (the barcode scanner is so handy for that!)

By being more accurate in my calculations, I was able to add a little cheese and sour cream to my “taco bowl” and eat more rice with my Chicken Parmesan casserole all guilt free!

The low for the day, was my run. Again, really struggled and I know it’s not a fuelling issue. My feet and ankles felt very sore and it was a good reminder to stretch after every run! Anyway, I did what I could and walked on an incline for a bit. I’ll try again on Thursday!

Thanks all for today! Have a good one.





Day 15/84 – How I am staying motivated!

This morning’s weigh in was 194.7 lbs, which means I had only a 2 lb weight fluctuation from the weekend fun. Each week it will be a challenge to keep that weekend weight fluctuation to a minimum but I’m going to keep trying!

This morning I had a good work out. I did my standard 10 minutes on the stair mill followed by 3 sets each of squats, walking lunges, chest press, flies, lat pull down and rows. Next week my workouts get switched up and I’m excited for some new exercises.

Eats included a whole wheat english muffin with 2 servings of olive oil Becel, my usual post-gym protein shake, spinach with a whole egg scrambled, 4 oz of ground turkey cooked up with low sodium taco seasoning, 50 g (before cooking) basmati rice, and a tomato and dinner was a Chicken Parmesan Casserole that I saw on Facebook served with another 40 g rice. I’m a little disappointed by how it turned out to be honest so I’m not sure if it is worth posting the recipe. The only plus side is that the chicken turned out to be really tender. The down side is that the cheese and panko really got lost in the mix so I feel like they are unnecessary calories in this dish. In the future, I might just braise chicken breast in marinara sauce. Anyway, stay tuned for an improved recipe.

Now that we’ve gotten through the regular business, I want to share with you how I’m staying motivated. What I’ve done is hung a dry-erase yearly calendar on my office wall. It is almost directly above my computer screen and I literally stare at it all day long.

20160608_095037 (1)

It’s tough to see, but I have outlined the 12 week period for this portion of my journey. (It ends on August 21, 2016). Each day I’m successful (as in I stay close to my planned meals and don’t binge) I cross it off with a blue X. Over time, this shows me how far I’ve come.

My goal for this period is to lose 30 lbs, my overall goal is to lose 50 lbs. At the bottom of the page, I have a line for each pound I want to lose and every time I step on the scale and I’ve moved to a new low whole number, I erase a line. I don’t add them back if my weigh fluctuates up a little because I want to be focused on always moving forward. I simply focus on the next time I get to erase a line. Each morning I get to cross of a day or erase a line is really exciting and having this always in my sight keeps me focused all day.

You can also see I wrote “Trust the process” as inspiration at the bottom. This is to remind myself that if you stay consistent and stay on track with the meals. The goal will come. Sometimes you have to remind yourself to be patient which isn’t always easy to do!

Please comment below if you have any questions on my motivation tactics or anything else I’m doing.



Day 13 & 14 – Blowing off some steam

This weekend was far more successful than last weekend. I felt so much more prepared. On Friday night and a few other times this weekend, I started to feel a little nibbly. Nothing turned into a full on binge, but there were definitely a few pinches of food here and there. Next weekend, I’ll try to keep myself a little busier so I don’t have the same struggles.

Saturday was a busy day. I was up early to help my mom with the horse show again. From there, I went to the gym and ran 8 km on the treadmill. I had wanted to do this run outside, but the weather was so miserable. It cleared up as soon as I was done…of course. I felt SO GOOD during my run. I’m so stoked to see such improvements.

I was pretty hungry after my run so I made myself a waffle, turkey bacon, and I grabbed some watermelon from the grocery store. I texted this to a friend and told her it was the best day of my life!

By the time I was done with my brunch, it was time to get ready for my friend’s mom’s 65th birthday party. I didn’t get any photos while there. The food was a barbecue so I had a chicken sausage on a bun, but the rest of my plate was veggies.


Sometimes, I clean myself up and leave the sweaty jock for the gym.

I left the party pretty early and met up with a friend and her boyfriend. We ended up going to a pub and staying out until 2 am. It was just the sort of post-break-up bender I needed. I got some validation from a cute boy, but left it at the bar: no phone number, no follow-up…just what I needed!

On Sunday, I was pretty hung over and had to get to the barn for my mom’s show. I made it just on time and then grabbed some groceries on my way home. Considering my normal hang over cure would include a potato chip smorgasbord, I did pretty well. Here are my hangover eats:

The fries were baked in the oven and the hollandaise on the eggs benny was from a package that I just made with water and omitted the butter entirely. It wasn’t quite the same but it did the trick and that eggs benny was delicious. I basically spent the rest of the day sleeping. I can’t party like I used to 😉

So that was my weekend! Just the right blend of me time, fun with my friends and refuelling for this week.

Hope you had a good one too!



Day 12/84 – On a roll!

It all started with a fantastic sleep last night. I haven’t been sleeping that well lately with stupid things waking me up through the night, but last night, I had a deeply relaxing sleep and it started my day off just right! This morning’s weigh in was also fantastic at 192.8 lbs. I’m going to monitor my progress for the next two weeks and if my weight loss doesn’t slow down a little, I will start eating more. I don’t feel like I’m starving myself to get these results. I have been averaging 1500-1700 calories per day so I’m fairly certain that most of the 7 lbs I have lost so far is water weight but I will continue to monitor because I want to do this the right way!!!

I was out the door early to get my work out completed. 10 minutes on the stairmill to warmup the three sets each of leg press, hamstring curls, bench press, tricep pull down, arm raises and bicep curls. I felt freakishly strong today and increased on almost all my exercises!


After the workout, I grabbed a latte at the coffee shop conveniently located next to my gym and headed down to the barn to warm my mum up for her horse show. There’s nothing better than early horse show mornings!

After she was done, I zipped home and was ready to start working right on time!

After my yummy latte, meals looked like this:

A protein shake which I didn’t take a photo of.

Egg white, spinach, tomato and 2 egg omlette.


All the carbs! I have been thinking about this all week, and it was so good!


Light turkey breast and broccoli slaw salad.


Plus a skinny cow ice cream sandwich for dessert!

This was the scene tonight and now I’m off to get some beauty sleep.


I guess I can just say that I feel happy today. It’s that deep down happy feeling that we all strive to achieve and it feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way.

Keep on truckin’ friends!



Day 11/84 – Planning for the weekend!

Hi everyone! Happy to report another successful weigh-in this morning! 194.8 lbs. Down another pound. I know the weight loss will slow down (and if it doesn’t, I will start eating more) but it is sure motivating to have wins every day!

Speaking of wins…the running finally came around. I was a little worried, but the fluid build up in my legs has finally gone down and today I felt like I was running on a cloud! I looked like a hot mess when I was done but I felt amazing! I’m so proud of myself for sticking it out through the painful times.

I also started listening to a new podcast today while I was running called Fat2Fit. So far it’s quite good. It definitely helped pass the time and my run FLEW by!


Meals were all good today. Macros were right on target, but I have a big challenge coming up…the weekend (cue ominous music!) Weekends tend to the the most difficult because the routine changes, things are less structured, and let’s face it, you just want to have fun and relax. Last weekend, I didn’t go crazy eating but I ate out a few times and that led to me basically starting right from scratch on Monday…not cool! So what I did to prepare for this is a little mini-shop to stock my fridge full of healthy food that I can grab on the go or make really quickly in order to stay on track and resist the urge to eat out.

Right now, I’m prepping a delicious spaghetti sauce that I will portion out and freeze so anytime I feel like having pasta (and it fits in the macro budget) I can pull out a portion for a quick and easy meal. It smells sooooo good! I can’t wait to have some for dinner tomorrow!


Some other quick and easy things I will have on hand are a pre-made salad, roasted turkey, ground turkey with taco seasoning, and some rice. Between those things, it should be no problem to throw a balanced meal together. I should have a more successful weekend than last weekend and therefore a more successful Monday morning!

Failing to plan is planning to fail. How many times have we all heard this? And it couldn’t be more true! Especially when weekends and food are involved…for this girl anyway 😉

Now for your daily does of cuteness:




Day 10/84 – Keeping at it!

10 days in and a happy weigh in this morning! 195.8 lbs! I’m just happy to see the scale going in the right direction even if it is only a 0.1 lb loss.

Meals were on point today. Same as the other days this week except today was salmon at lunch instead of cod. I made a disappointing discovery in myfitnesspal. I had selected a generic salmon option and it said that 4oz of salmon was 100 calories, 21 g protein and only 1 g of fat. Since salmon is a known fatty fish, I knew that couldn’t be true. I did a little more research and found that the macros for atlantic salmon are actually 262 calories, 15 g fat and 28.5 g protein, which seems a little more realistic. So unfortunately, my macros were a bit off on Monday but that’s ok. To adjust for today, I took out the whole eggs in my third meal and that meal will just be egg whites and spinach. It doesn’t really look any different.


At the end of the day, I was seriously craving some sugar and I gave in to have this:


Luckily, I was able to fit it in my calories for the day and it only slightly skewed my macros. It was so worth it! It won’t become a daily thing, but it did make me think that I should probably introduce some higher carb days for my mental sanity and just to keep my body fueled. Something to consider if I hit a plateau for sure!

I got a good workout in in the morning and spent the rest of the day working and catching up on errands.


Just an average day but consistency is key and I’m sticking to it!




Day 9/84 – Healin’ for real this time!

This morning’s weigh in was 197.1 lbs so back in the right direction! I’m starting to feel hungry in between meals which is something I haven’t felt for quite some time. This leads me to believe I am starting to fire up my metabolism in all the right ways and that is very motivating to me! I went to the gym in the morning and completed my 5 km run. Again, I struggled. I didn’t quit, but it wasn’t easy and wasn’t the type of run I’m used to. I’m not sure if it is mental or physical but I’m hoping these struggles pass soon.

Last night to prepare, I did everything I could think of in my arsenal to help my legs feel fresh. This includes, lying with my legs up the wall, wearing compression socks and stretching.


Next time, I might try an anti-inflammatory before I run and see if that helps. I don’t think I’m injured, I think my body is just having a hard time adjusting to the increased work outs. I’m also holding onto a lot of water right now which causes my legs and feet to swell. TOM is just around the corner and probably the culprit. I’m drinking a TON of water right now and my diet is pretty low in sodium (minus the sushi last week). Nonetheless, I finished the run and took the required post-workout swelfie! You can see how excited I look…


Meals were on point for another day in a row! Menu was exactly the same as yesterday except instead of salmon I had 175g of cod.


I also cut back the amount of salad dressing on my salad. I had the macros for 2 tbsp but found that was too much dressing! I cut it back to 1.5 tbsp and it was the perfect amount…it’s all in the details!

Overall, my attitude swings back and forth from excited for the future and sad about the past on almost an hourly basis. I am very proud of myself for sticking to this plan and feeling my feelings rather than self-medicating with food. I will admit, I’m a bit mopey and a little depressed right now but I really want to heal for real this time.

Looking forward to crushing another day tomorrow!